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Muriel Christonai is a vocalist and music producer who crafts healing music and soundscapes in mystical resonances. Influenced by the earthy glossolalic tones of Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance, Gladiator) and Deya Dova, and the ethereal multi-tracked sounds of Enya, Muriel applies a process of spiritual connection and deep inner listening to charge her music with the healing force of Love. Fusing layers of meditative vocals with classical and world instrumentation, including piano, harp, shruti box, native American flute, and crystal bowls, her soothing and other-worldly cinematic sounds invite listeners to a profound sense of spiritual connection. 

A regular meditator from the age of 18, Muriel’s spirituality inspired her to dream dreams of a better day for humanity. 


With purity of intention and many years of music lessons (recorder, guitar, flute, piano, and harp!) she realised that singing gave her the ability to express her heart in a way that no other instrument could. 


Her faithful efforts at songwriting and recording demos while based in Glastonbury, England, landed her a tour of the UK and Ireland with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the ‘Conversations with God’ book series. Her messages wove harmonious resonances with his words, both being ambassadors of the heart. 


Muriel released her albums ‘Angelica’ and later ‘Golden’ and continued to seek opportunities to share her music with a wider audience. This resulted in appearances for author Wayne Dyer at Hay House in London, and headlining at spiritual events around Europe, until her eventual move back to her home country, New Zealand in 2014.


A tumultuous few years of personal loss prompted deep personal healing work, and the completion of a Healthcare Musician Qualification and her Master’s Degree in healing music. These now culminate in her upcoming album. It is due for release in late 2024 / early 2025. 

Muriel continues to dream of a better day for humanity and offers her healing song medicine as her gift to this time and place. 




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