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Deepen Your Connection with Nature

Nature is an embodiment of Divine Love, constantly reaching out to support us on our path.

Are you receiving Her love and wisdom? 

Do you love nature and feel drawn to deepen your connection with the unseen realm within it? Do you intuitively remember what it feels like to be so deeply connected to the Earth and long to experience this again?


Muriel offers courses exploring pathways to connect with nature spirits and Devas. Her goal is to help you discover and refine your unique way of communicating with the spiritual forces of nature so that you may once again experience the joy of oneness and belonging. 

Reconnecting with nature also offers opens us healing and greater balance, through the many gifts and blessings we receive from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms. These feed our sense of vitality and well-being and restore us to our own natural design so we can be who we were meant to be, flowing along our own path for this lifetime. 

This work will allow you to fall deeper in Love with the Earth, and in doing so, with yourself.

The offerings: 

Begin with the Plant Spirit Medicine Introduction, giving a greater understanding of the Devas and Nature spirits and guided step-by-step processes for connection. You will also experience co-creating a flower essence with the nature kingdom.

Having touched the surface of Deva connection, you can then experience the Deep Dive. This hones the pathways that work best for you and will begin to align you with your personal nature spirit allies. 

For those who wish to journey all the way to the heart of nature, Personalised Immersion experiences are available. These involve one on one guided processes in nature for between 1 and 3 days. 

For further information on all three experiences, click on the options below. 

Leaf Stem

Plant Spirit Medicine - Introduction to Nature Energies and Flower Essences

Manta Ray

Plant Spirit Medicine -
Deep Dive Experience


Image by Casey Horner

Plant Spirit Medicine - Personalised Immersion Experience

What others said of their experiences with nature:

"I was blown away by what I experienced in the session. I would love other people to learn about the devic realm so we can connect together with the nature devas on the land... if there is shared level of understanding I feel we could deepen as a community in our connection with the land. It's impossible to express here how much that idea lights me up.

"Thanks so much for your wonderful workshop, I totally resonated with everything relayed."

"Muriel was radiant, passionate, extremely kind, caring and generous, gifting us all so much knowledge and depth of her experiences with Flower Essences and Plant Medicine, Nature Beings, etc, above and beyond -  our thanks and blessings we extend to her…

"I loved the workshop. I went in with no expectations and came out so much better for my day. I met some wonderful new people also. All and all a day that far, far, exceeded my hopes. I am so very pleased I chose to do the workshop! Thank you. 

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