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This five-week experience offers profound sound meditations to embody your Essence and receive support from the spiritual worlds. Focusing on the Soul, connecting with guidance, and ultimately Source, this offering has the potential to revibrate your cells with Divine sound frequencies, transforming your self and your life. 

Journey along waves of healing sound with Muriel,  through the most important aspects of your life from the comfort of your own home.

The five week experience will support you to:

  • Embody more of your Soul essence and sacredness in your everyday moments.

  • Become aware of the energies who guide you.

  • Heal your important relationships.

  • Create conscious connections with the Earth and nature energies.

  • Experience the unity and love of Source.


Our Journeys will include:
Wk 1 - Embodying your Higher Self - the Essence of you
Wk 2 - 
Those who walk with you - your spiritual guides, helpers, archetypal energies

Wk 3 - Healing your heart relationships - giving and receiving love
Wk 4 - 
The Kiss of the Earth - Receiving support from Gaia and the Devas, the spirits of nature 
Wk 5 - 
Connecting with Source - The One Life in All, eternal and infinite, Cosmic Love


Sessions are live and have limited spaces. They will be held on a XX evening at XXpm NZ time. 


To book your place send a message here.

Pink Rose

5 x One and a half hour sessions


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"I booked a sound healing session with Muriel. It was a very memorable and profound experience and I was moved to tears, which is a very healing state for me. I felt safe and calm as she guided me through this powerful journey to release stress and anxiety. I felt like I was walking on a cloud afterward and experienced a deep sense of peace that stayed with me. Muriel is a very talented woman and I highly recommended her" - Sue.

"When Muriel sings you are transported; a golden tonal thread leads your awareness from the mundane to the deep multidimensional place of Inner Silence"  Kumu, Spiritual teacher.

"...A really heightening experience..., the songs you bring are like a healing balm. Your songs elevate me from states of pain and separation into love, a bridge into truth and Divinity" - Aine Belton, Author.

"A Divine angelic voice that can take us to the highest sense of our Being" - Tim Wheater, International Sound Healing Musician and 'Eurythmics' band member.

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