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A call for support

A call for support

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Artists need the world to recognise the magic they bring to it. 

Artists need backing, patronage. In the past troubadours had patrons around the towns, who supported them, giving food and a place to sleep, and making sure they were well looked after. We need this still. We need the roof over our heads, wood on our fires and food in our children’s mouths, AS WELL as the supplies for our art work. I have worked diligently on my craft for 20+ years in a largely unpaid form and am now more realistic about my need for a basic income. 

When artists are freed of the burden to make music that "earns them a living", the best art comes. We can fall deeply within. We plummet the deep wells of Source and bring back Her Love for others to receive, to sweetly drink through us.  We bring spiritual sustenance and direction, sculpting society through our art. 

I am creating a more caring and gentle society, more considerate and loving, though my work. I direct others towards the very highest in themselves by regarding them as Souls. This is transformative work. The music helps to initiate people into the next highest version of themselves.

I am not willing to play the clown, ‘putting on a face’ that packages my music in a compromised, watered-down form in an attempt to pay the bills. I am committed to radiating nothing less than the pure light of the sun!

If you feel moved to support this vision, I wholeheartedly welcome your patronage.


You can offer your support HERE, or send me an email.

Thank you,

🙏🏻 💛 ✨



Yes, there is a new album coming! Listen to the preview below.


The songs are in their early stages but they're on their way to somewhere cool! 

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