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The online music sales (r)evolution - Albums now by DONATION and on SPOTIFY

As a music artist, my foremost desire is for my work to make it's way around the world to those who need it.

Over the last few months I've been contemplating just how much Spotify, Youtube and other streaming platforms have altered the landscape of music sales.

Just 10 years ago an artist like myself could make a viable income from CD sales. Now CD sales are zero and I'm lucky to get 1 cent per song play online.

I get that these platforms make music accessible. I use them myself. But the consequence is that fans are not used to paying for music anymore, digital or otherwise. I've had to flow with these changing times and expectations, keeping my goal of sharing the music widely in mind.

So gone are full priced album downloads. ALL music on is now by DONATION. Name your price to download full albums. Yes there is a minimum donation amount, but it's a fraction of previous sales prices.

Angelica and Golden are now on Spotify (Search 'Muriel Angelica' or 'Muriel Golden'). Alcyone will likely follow.

And lookout, because I have other platforms in mind too.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime enjoy and please share with those you feel may benefit.

Thanks 🙏🌟

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