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Make Muriel's music your music: 

Upgrade the soundtrack of your life to one that resonates your deepest Self

You can download whole albums or individual tracks.

The techy stuff: When you purchase a track or album you will be able to download your file(s) directly from the webpage. After making payment please do not close the window before having downloaded your files. Note - all prices are in New Zealand Dollars - Your currency should automatically convert if you are purchasing from another country.

APPLE USERS: Please note that due to Apple's proprietary restrictions on downloading music and content, you cannot download music directly to an iPhone or iPad without first changing your view of the website to Desktop. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you should see a notice prompting you to do this.  It may be preferable to use a computer for the purchase and download process.

Thank you for your support. And most of all, enjoy!


A Soft Place to Fall


Hear the soulful call to connect with the heart, to surrender to

your Self through sound. Receive the nourishing and healing

frequencies in which to rest, restore and resurrect. 

Soft Place


ALCYONE reveals the evolution of Muriel's vocal sound. Her earthly and ethereal vocals express without words the sanctity that resides within all beings, opening a doorway to an experience of the eternal and infinite. With diverse expressions of the voice as an instrument sounding beyond the confines of meaning into the language of deep feeling. Touch your ancientness, wildness, peace, love and joy within on this journey through soulscapes.

Catch a replay of the online release concert here

Chakra Meditation for Children

A guided meditation through the chakras, featuring Muriel's inspiring music and vocals, narrated in German language.  


A continuation of Muriel's spiritual singer-songwriter style, with songs born from deep meditation and inspiration.  


ANGELICA is Muriel's debut album, a collection of Love songs from the Universe written over a five-year period, from a mystery school in New Zealand to a monastery in France, and the fields of scared Glastonbury, UK.  This album features Muriel's trademark songs 'Sacred' and 'Heaven'.


CD sale

Albums can be posted almost anywhere in the world. 

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Gift Wrapped




Enjoy a 'two for the price of one' offer on 'Angelica' and 'Golden' CDs. Simply pay for one, and send us a quick email mentioning which CD you would like to receive for free. This offer is limited to 5 free CDs per person and does not apply to 'Alcyone' or 'A Soft Place to Fall' (as CD versions of these albums are currently unavailable). 

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