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"The music of Muriel is magic for the Soul. Her lyrics speak of deep and wonderful truth. Her melodies carry us on wings of joy. I have been honoured to share the same stage with her, and would be so greatly honoured to do so again! Here is a blessing in our midst; a bit of Heaven on Earth!"

Neale Donald Walsch

International best-selling author of 'Conversations with God' 

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"


The hugging Saint


"Muriel possesses the voice of an angel and the soul of an ancient mystic. Both shine through in her music which I really love. I'm sure you will too."

James Twyman

Peace Troubadour and best-selling Author of 'The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking' and 'The Moses Code'

"I adore Muriel's enchanting music - she clearly is an angel. I am listening non-stop and sharing it with everybody. YUM YUM YUM. I am just so thrilled and grateful."

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) 

Best-selling author of 'Succulent Wild Woman' and other inspirational titles

"Her genuine spirit shines through and her voice is undeniably beautiful.... A tremendous voice"

Kindred Spirit Magazine



"Simply uplifting and magical."

Barbel Mohr

Author of 'The Cosmic Ordering Service'

"Your beautiful music... is just amazing. It reminds me of home. There is a familiarity or resonance within. I feel not only a connection with the Divine but also mother earth and nature. Love it, love, love, love it!"

Simon Watson

Spiritual Healer 

"When Muriel sings you are transported; a golden tonal thread leads your awareness from the mundane to the deep multidimensional place of Inner Silence."  Kumu

Spiritual teacher.


"Well written inspirational and meaningful songs sung by a beautiful pure voice. She sings with her Soul; you could think of Enya, but I can't actually think of anyone I've heard singing like that. A pure sound."

Jon Cousins

Ophiucus Records.

"...A really heightening experience..., the songs you bring are like a healing balm. Your songs elevate me from states of pain and separation into love, a bridge into truth and Divinity."

Aine Belton



"Her words are eloquently set within timeless smooth harmony which uplifts the spirit. Both emotive and highly listenable, she truly touches hearts with her melodic voice".

Paul Lund

RPL Productions

"A Divine angelic voice that can take us to the highest sense of our Being"

International Sound Healing Musician and 'Eurythmics' band member.

Tim Wheater

"Muriel's glorious voice really opens your heart"

Diana Cooper

Spiritual Author and Speaker


"Thank you very much for sending me your CD 'Angelica'... The songs are wonderful. I enjoy them every day... When my two sons (10 and 12 years) heard the songs at first, they started to cry. The older one told me that his heart hurts when he listens because he gets such wonderful thoughts and they touch his heart. The younger one told me that he gets visions. A very mystical and Divine CD."

Petra Schwietzke 


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