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Sound Healing
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Deep Dive Experience
Upgrade your connection with nature

Shift to a new level of consciousness

This day-long experience is intended to UPGRADE your connection with nature. It will be a deeply nourishing, inspiring, and healing experience, offering wisdom and clarity about your unique Life path, directly from the Earth herself.

Kia ora - I'm Muriel and my personal goal is to facilitate your deepening connection with the Earth. I have over twenty years of experience in communicating with plant spirits.

I now create spaces in which people can:
* Experience connection with plant spirits through simple step-by-step guidance, which they can recreate when desired.
* Identify their unique way of receiving energetic information from nature so they know what 'signals' to look for within themselves.
* Discover their personal plant spirit allies.
* Connect with the oneness of nature and the living heart of our dear Earth, our Mother at the deepest levels.
*Receive tools to further refine their ability to connect and communicate with nature and the Earth.

In this journey we will be connecting directly with plant spirits, calling on their wisdom and teachings to facilitate our understanding of how we can best work with them, within our own natural design - It is very much about learning how you are wired, and then applying the best tools for you, so you can most effortlessly engage in an energetic exchange and dialogue with nature.


Watch this space for the next Deep Dive experience date
The Deep Dive will unfold on beautiful land in Wahakamarama, held in our Nature Temple and a gorgeous section of native Kaimai forest, including the flowing Waipapa River. The resident plant spirits are eager to work with you!

Cost: $85.00 and several concession spaces ($50 each) are available.
Cost is payable prior to the workshop, to -
Muriel Christonai, bank account: xxx
Please put your name as a reference and mention the Deep Dive.
When you have made your payment, please send an email including your name to You will then be sent further information about your magical day.

I'm so looking forward to facilitating your deeper connection with the Earth! With love and blessings from the heart of nature. 


Please note this is an all-weather event, which will only be postponed in the event of a severe weather warning. There is much we can learn from nature when we release our attachment to comfort or 'perfect' weather :-). Let's reclaim OUR wildness!

What others have said of their Deep Dive experience 

"Thanks so much for the beautiful deep dive day.  I feel so light and happy tonight. It was truly a wonderful experience.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful deep dive day. Loved it. Beautiful energy." 

"Many thanks for a most interesting day yesterday. You have a very special knowledge and although I don't feel things like you do at least I now know that this type of energetic communication is possible.  The huge tree was magnificent and I felt a pulsation in my hands when they were against the trunk...  I hope there are future opportunities for us and others to benefit from your very special gift.

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