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Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Find your authentic expression through your voice; the power to vocalise your own essence, your heart imprint, through your sound.

Through these sessions, you can deeply embody, and express your authentic Self vocally and tap into a process for greater creative expression, so you can sound your true note in the world.

Muriel takes a holistic approach, drawing on over two decades of experience and training in vocal performance. She is a certified Healthcare Musician and has a Master's Degree specialising in sound healing practices, all of which she weaves together to empower you in transmitting your best voice, the sound of your Soul.

In these sessions, we work with intention, spiritual alignment, embodied awareness, and visualisation.  Muriel encourages mindfulness of any sensations that arise, as well as allowing emotions that may release throughout the process.  We work in a scared container of respect, non-judgment, and full allowance of all that emerges - there are no 'bad' notes, unwelcome feelings, or beliefs we need to conquer. Acknowledging, allowing, and expressing our hurt or unconfident parts is key in redeeming all aspects of ourselves, restoring our wholeness. and returning to our original state of loving innocence where authentic expression resides.  This not only improves your vocal sound but opens up a creative channel in connection with your Soul. You may experience a greater flow of creativity in your singing and everyday life.

We begin with a conversation about your voice - how you feel about it, your curiosities, and how you'd like to experience it. You may simply desire insight on embodying specific vocal qualities (such as peace, love, joy, or power), or we can work on specific issues including blocks and physical tensions. The possibilities are many. Muriel takes you through exercises for alignment, embodiment, expression, and flow state. Throughout the process, she will remind you to observe what is arising from your body and offer visualisation tools that work alongside your sound-making process to fulfill your intention. We also open to all offerings to you from the spiritual worlds.

You can book a single session or multiple package sessions at a discounted rate.

Field of Flowers

One hour session



3 x One hour sessions


Pink Rose

5 x One hour sessions


"Thank you for inspiring me to offer a vocal toning session during my next Facebook LIVE session.  I loved your Embodiment Conference session. It was the highlight of my day" - Rose

"Thoroughly enjoyed your session in the embodiment conference. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of sound!" -Lorraine

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