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Receive the power of music to support you through your everyday life, times of growth, transition and healing. 


Welcome to the  

Sound Spa

Take a breath here. Relax, and arrive beyond the noise of the world. Come back to yourself through the power of healing sound: your Soul is calling.

It is said that music is medicine for the Soul with the ability to resonate the very cells of our bodies, release grief from broken hearts, vibrate epigenetic memories in our bones and connect us to higher dimensions.

Finding the best soundtrack for you during a time of growth, healing or transition can be of huge benefit, with specific rhythms, lyrics, and sound frequencies of songs supporting your experience of self-worth, balance, and connection to something greater. 

Tune in to the various music playlists below, or if you desire a personalised subscription Muriel would love to assist you. Book your session below.


You may also want to receive a custom-created song with the intention of supporting you through a significant time of your life. You can find out more about COMMISSIONS here. 


One-on-one SOUND HEALING sessions are also available to work with specific intentions and issues.  

Image by Ashley Batz

One hour session


Ready to Play 

Love Yourself

Songs to support you in loving yourself even more

Divine Feminine

Songs to support you in embodying the Divine Feminine. The Goddess is in human form - remember?

Meditate or Relax

Enhance your creativity or chill time

Heal Your Heart

Supporting emotional release, healing and Soul connection

Earth Tribe

feel connected to the tribe of Souls who love the Earth and all Life

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